Ayurveda and child care


For baby care it is very important that we follow the advice of doctors and pediatricians strictly. Apart from allopathic medicines, Ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines also help us a lot. In order to share our knowledge and provide you with great information about Ayurveda and child care and Ayurvedic medicines we hosted an event called:

“Ayurveda and child care”

This event was hosted by us on 21st of January at Double O headquarters.

We had invited Dr Manisha Vaja. Dr Manisha is an expert on Ayurvedic medicines. She provided us with great incite and on how to use different forms of Ayurvedic medicines for child-care for different age groups.

Here are a few photographs from the event.

Ayurveda and home remedies

There are a lot of remedies that are available at our home. We can give this to our kid and take it ourselves. These remedies usually help us in boosting the immune system of our kids. Ayurveda works slowly but, helps in the overall development of the body and physical strength.

The best part about Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medicines is that it is not harmful to the body and does not have any side effects as compared to many allopathic medicines.

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