Best baby room thermometers to keep your baby’s room warm in winter 2021


It is the winter season, and it is very important to keep your baby’s warm in winter. All of us want to keep our kids safe, and as new parents, most of you tend to struggle a lot trying to keep your kids warm. Most of us tend to over layer our kids, which is not required. Parents also have the habit of putting on heaters. One of the most important factors in keeping your kid warm is to maintain the temperature of the kid’s nursery. There are various baby room thermometers available in the market. These baby room thermometers help to know what is the temperature of the baby’s nursery.

The safe temperature of the baby’s room is between 23 and 25-degree. There are higher risks of SIDs in baby’s who get too hot. The heaters should not be switched on for a long time. So, the baby room thermometer is really helpful and is a good investment. We can check the room temperature just at a glance. Here are the best baby room thermometers.

Why should you invest in baby room thermometer ?

You might be wondering that why should you invest in a baby room thermometer. Let me tell you in detail about it. A baby room thermometer will help you to keep an eye on the room temperature of your baby’s nursery. You can also use baby monitors that come with built-in room thermometers to check the temperature of the room. But, why is it so important to watch the room temperature?

The reason behind it is that, if the baby gets too hot or cold, the baby may die due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. SIDS is very common in babies between two to six months old. On hot days the room thermometer will indicate that temperature is high and you can switch on AC or cooler and if the temperature is too cold then you can switch on the heater. But, you can come to know all this from the baby room thermometer.

Best baby room thermometers

There are various baby room thermometers available in the market. You will get confused, which one to buy. So, let me tell you about the best baby room thermometers which are really in demand. Here is the list of it.

  • The Gro-Egg room thermometer
  • Dream baby crocodile bath and room thermometer
  • Tommee Tippee Closer to nature bath and room thermometer
  • Begrit hygrometer thermometer
  • Kelvin color changing night light thermometer
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The Gro-Egg 2 room thermometer

Gro egg2 thermometer
  • This room thermometer is mains operated and no batteries are required
  • It changes color to indicate the temperature of the room. If the room is cold, the color will be blue, if the room is too hot then the color turns red. If the room temperature is ok then the color is orange.
  • This gives a clear indication of the room temperature and tells us to change the temperature.
  • This thermometer comes with a USB port.
  • It is bigger better and extremely stylish.
  • It provides a soft nightlight glow.
  • has a soft touch silicone dome.
  • It has adjustable night brightness which also acts as a night lamp.

Cost: $43.45

Purchase: You can purchase this over here.

Dream baby crocodile bath and room thermometer

dream baby crocodile thermometer
dream baby crocodile thermometer
  • This thermometer is safe, fast and accurate. BPA free and is EN71 tested for safety. Can be a cute toy for your kid and is also highly durable.
  • A digital thermometer which shows an accurate reading. It also has color coding embedded in it. When the temperature is too hot it shows red color and shows green color when the temperature is ok.
  • Perfectly tells you that you need to adjust the thermostat of the heater in your house to maintain the kid’s room temperature.
  • It comes with one set of batteries

Cost: $12.99

Purchase: You can purchase it from here.

Tommee Tippee Closer to nature bath and room thermometer

tommee tippee closer to nature bath and room thermometer
tommee tippee closer to nature bath and room thermometer
  • It is a digital thermometer which helps ensure baby’s comfort and safety during bath and in the room
  • easy to read LCD screen and LED warning light
  • can float in water and is certified as a bath toy

Begrit Hygrometer thermometer

Begrit hygrothermometer
  • It is easy to use. The baby face icon changes according to the temperature of the room.
  • Reminds you just with a glance, whether your baby is feeling hot or cold or whether he or she is doing ok or not.
  • It is ready to use with a fold-out stand and is operated only with a 1AAA battery.
  • It reads both in Celsius and Fahrenheit reading and the clock can be set from 12 to 24 hours range.
  • has a money-back lifetime guarantee.
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Cost: $9.99

Purchase: You can purchase it from here.

Kelvin color changing night light thermometer

Kelvin color changing night light baby room thermometer
  • A color-changing room thermometer changes color according to room temperature and gives a clear indication about the temperature.
  • The thermometer also displays humidity so that you can keep your baby away from a stuffy nose, dryness, or other health problems.
  • you can customize the thermometer’s temperature range according to the pediatrician’s advice to maintain the baby’s room temperature.
  • Various security agencies have approved this thermometer and are child friendly.

Cost: $24.99

Purchase You can purchase it from here.

So these are some of the room thermometers that will help you keep the baby’s nursery warm and will make you free of a lot of worry about your baby being cold.

Do you need a baby room thermometer?

Yes, I think it is necessary to get a baby room thermometer. It is important to check whether your child is not feeling to hot or cold and is suffering from any side effects due to that.

What should the ideal temperature be in a baby’s room ?

The Ideal temperature in a baby’s room should be between 23 – 25 degree Centigrade.

How do you monitor a baby’s room temperature ?

With the help of baby room thermometer you can keep a check on it. If the baby room thermometer turns red, means the room is too hot. If it is too cold the room thermometer will turn blue, and if the thermometer turns green then the temperature is ok.

Where should you put a thermometer in a room ?

You can put the baby room thermometer anywhere in the room. You can either hang it or put it on a table.

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