Infant car seat: The importance of using car seat for infants and toddlers


Right from the time a baby is born, kids safety becomes a parents responsibility. The parents should also see that a child has a safe journey from the hospital to home, in its own infant car seat. Unintentional injury during travelling in a car is also a major cause of infant death. To avoid these kinds of injuries it becomes a parent’s responsibility to use proper measures. The use of an infant car seat is one such measure a parent should definitely take.  Using an infant car seat is a must in most of the foreign countries. We, in India should also make a point to use it for out little tot. Car seats in car are the much needed safety measure

Importance of using a child safety car seat

When using a child safety infant car seat, the child or the infant is restrained in the safety belts of the seat and hence is very safe during any accident or if any accidental brake is applied. But, for that it is very necessary to choose the right seat for the child and to harness it properly following each and every step of the manual. It is not always true that the costly thing is the best. In a car seat we have to see that which one best fit’s the kid’s height and weight. It is expensive or not does not really matter.

How to choose a proper car seat for infants and toddlers

Once we know which car seat model fits the height and weight of the kid, there are also others norms that are to be followed while choosing a proper car seat these are as follows:

  • The model of the car seat should be following federal motor vehicle safety of international countries.
  • If buying a used car seat than, do not use the car seat that were present in an accident or are too old, i.e. more than six years. Do not use the seats that are missing any parts or those that do not manufacturers label and instruction manual.
  • If buying a second hand car seat always get in touch with the manufacturer to see if they have ever recalled that model due to some damage and how long do they advise that the seat should be used. In case of the product being recalled check if the company will be providing a replacement piece.
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Different type of car seats

There are mainly two types of car seats that are used

  • Infant only car seat
  • Convertible car seat

Infant only car seat

infant only car seatInfant only car seats are good for new born babies and infants. These car seats are recommended for new born up to the weight of around 16 kg i.e. 35 pounds. The infant only car seats should be fixed in a rear facing car, so that, if involved in an accident the back of the car seat protects the baby’s head, neck and back bones and muscles from severe injuries. Many parents turn the position of the car seat from rear facing to front facing, when the toddler reaches one year of age i.e. about 9 kg. This is due to the old rules and regulations and recommendations. But, now days the American association of Pediatrics suggest that an infant should be riding in a rear facing car seat for a minimum of 2 years of age.

How to install this seat

After buying the car seat go through the user manual that is provided with the car seat. Then install the seat properly. Apart from that these are a few points that you should keep in mind

  • This seat should be placed in the back seat of the car, in a position that it fits in properly and securely, usually in the middle
  • Use your knee to properly push down and fix the car seat while installing it tightly in proper position. The car seat once installed, should not move more than 3 cm in each direction.
  • Do not use an infant seat in a forward facing position
  • It should be reclined at no more than 45 degree angle.

Convertible car seats


Convertible seats are placed in both the rear and front facing directions. They can be placed in a rear facing directions until the child is old enough to be placed in a front facing direction. As compared to infant car seats, convertible car seats are heavy and cannot be fitted into a stroller or carried around. But, on the other hand convertible car seats are more economic as compared to infant car seat, because, you do not need to buy another car seat.

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How to install 

Installation of a convertible seat is very similar to infant only seat. The points to be kept in mind are as follows:

  • This seat should be placed in the back seat of the car.
  • Use your knee to properly push down and fix the car seat while installing it tightly in proper position. The car seat once installed, should not move more than 3 cm in each direction.
  • Fit the car seat in forward and reverse facing direction depending on the age, height and weight of the kid


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