Getting a perfect sized potty for your baby


Hey, it’s growing up time and your tiny little tot you feel now is ready for one of the big transitions of his or her life i.e. the change from diapers and nappies to the potty seat. The big change that shows, the baby is growing up and is starting to get potty trained. The first and the foremost thing to do after this is getting a perfect sized potty seat for your baby. The potty seat should be comfortable to the kid and should not be hurting a kid. There are various types of potty available in the market. There are two main types of potty

  • A free standing toddler size potty chair or seat
  • A kid size toilet seat that attaches in a full size toilet

A free standing toddler size potty chair or seat

perfect sized potty chair
perfect sized potty chair

It is a portable potty seat, which can be carried from one room to another. It is more small and light weight. It is just for your kid and hence the kid feels more special and has a sense of belonging to the kid. It is fear free and the kid if left alone will not fall over into water or fall down from the big toilet. There is also a bad side to this. It is not easy to clean this potty. You have to dump the babies urine and poop into the bigger toilet and then flush it and then wash the potty bowl.

A kid size toilet seat that attaches in a full size toilet

perfect sized potty seat
perfect sized potty seat

It is a small toilet seat that attaches to the inner side of the big toilet seat. When we use this kind of toilet seat, it does not become an extra item to be stored in the house. It sits right on the top of the toilet seat. It is light weight and easy to lift and hence can be carried around at any public place, in a flight or while travelling. We do not need to transfer the kids pee and poop into bigger toilet and then clean it. Hence, it becomes very easy to clean this type of toilet seat. But, it also has its cons. Some kids may not be comfortable using this kind of potty and will be scared of the height of big toilet seats. This weaken a kids confidence and will create a problem.

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What to look for when buying a kids potty or toilet seat

When we go for buying kids potty or toilet seat, first of all it becomes our personal choice how we want to train our baby. We may end up buying kids potty or toilet seat, but, what we have to look into it is the material and durability of the potty chair or toilet seat, the potty chair should not topple and the material should be soft and edges clean for the babies. The kids’ toilet seat should have an adjustable dial or a non-slippery rubber grip under the toilet seat to prevent the kid from falling into the toilet bowl.

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